• Learn to read coverages, receiver progressions, and make snap decisions under center
  • Select the offensive scheme you want to master and start training with a VR headset
  • Schemes include the West Coast Offense, Air Raid, Run & Shoot, and many more
  • Advanced voice recognition automated grading and evaluation in our proprietary REPS-SETS© system
  • Track your performance stats and improvement over time
  • Over 100 high-fidelity VR training session
  • For high school and small college football programs wanting to take their QB rooms to the next level 
  • Film your practice with a VR camera and create customized training plans 
  • Two coach logins and eight QB profiles
  • Advanced voice recognition and automated grading and evaluation process
  • Powerful video markup tools
  • Secure cloud VR video storage
  • REPS High School Service Package
  • For college football programs and professional teams looking to train and evaluate their QBs at the highest level
  • REPS professional staff comes to your program to setup, educate, and maximize the performance potential of the REPS system
  • Customize the REPS-SETS© system to fit your scheme
  • Expanded secure cloud VR video storage
  • Advanced voice recognition automated grading and evaluation
  • REPS College Service Package 
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