Dr. Dutch Franz
Creator - Evangelist
Dutch is a practicing performance psychologist that has worked with NCAA Division I national championship programs and is a research fellow at the think2perform Research Institute. He is the creator of the VR-SETS system and has installed the system in NCAA Division I football programs and trained the coaching staff on how to establish an immersive high-fidelity VR training environment. Dr. Dutch has over 23-years of experience training elite performers in virtual environments. Prior to earning a Ph.D. in psychology, he served as an officer in US Army Special Operations. He lives in Seattle and plays on the glaciated volcanos above 10,000 ft.
Suzanne Greathouse
Suzanne Greathouse is a CEO who strives to empower the next generation of athletic performance through a combination of science and technology.
Suzanne believes in leveraging deep learning techniques and the immersive power of virtual reality to help athletes develop elite skills with a focus on injury prevention.
Prior to co-founding REPS, Suzanne was a successful entrepreneur, business consultant and executive at AT&T. She has experience in diverse areas including Research & Development, Systems Architecture & Design, Enterprise Software Development, Operations and Sales.
Suzanne serves in officer roles on several non-profit boards, is active in the community and is a business ambassador for her local Chamber of Commerce. She is the founder of the Alex Greathouse Foundation which raises funds for oral cancer research and patient support.
When she’s not trying to explain the difference between REPS virtual reality training and video games, you can find Suzanne throwing knives or tomahawks, and training for her next powerlifting competition.
Joe Ashfield
VP Football Operations 
Joe played quarterback at St. John's University (Minn.) under legendary coach John Gagliardi before playing a season professionally in the German Football League. He began his coaching career in New Zealand with the North Harbour Pride in Auckland from 2001-2004. Joe moved to college coaching in 2004 and has since coached at every level of college football  and has experience with every position on the offensive side of the ball. Joe has coached at both Stanford University and Rice University Football programs where he saw first-hand the power of training athletes with virtual reality. He is the current offensive line coach for the Rice University Football program and calls Houston home.
Chet Franz
VP Information Technology 
Chet Franz, a graduate from the University of Washington, has worked in IT for over 30 years.  Starting as a computer operator he has climbed the IT ladder going from Developer to Software Engineer to Application Architect to Principal Software Engineer and finally Development Manager.  During his IT career Chet worked abroad for 4 years setting up a European branch office, created a custom application development framework, led the department Technology Research team and worked on a large ERP replacement project managing a team of 10 engineers both on and off shore.  But hey, computers aren’t everything.  In his free time Chet likes to travel, number one on his list is going back to where he worked in Europe to hang out in a beer garden (and maybe drink some beer). 
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